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Do it normally – and it will be fine

"Bream" for a marketer if he offers to increase sales:

  • throw mud on competitors;
  • increase popularity based on the tragedy;
  • raise prices and then start a "grand sale";
  • to die, but to sale at least 3 products for each client, and execute lazy managers;
  • such methods can, perhaps, tarnish your reputation and provoke a turnover of your personnel.

How then to sell?

Don't just offer products / services - use it YOURSELF first and pack them into quality service.
  • Collect all the necessary data about the buyer, as well as the history of his requests in a separate card;
  • Automate communication within the company [IP telephony and corporate messenger, so that there are no more “Heey, it’s burning! Pick up the phone, they call you there! ”];
  • Take the rule to work with each contact quickly, clearly, without lies, from the standpoint of benefit FOR the CLIENT;
  • You do NOT need to reorganize the sales department for this. Just implement CRM in your business.
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